“Mood Raiser” Foods that you must consume:

  With the constant stress and pressure that engulfs us, we are left with crappy mood throughout the day. Technically or rather biologically speaking, our mood is regulated by our 24X7 working

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Some Tasty Vegetarian Dishes From Indian Cuisine

Gone are the days when you thought that choices in food were only meant for non-vegetarians. Nowadays, vegetarians are faced with just as many options, due to the revolution in the culinary world. Veg

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Why High Protein, Low Carb Diet Is Harmful For Me

Protein is one of the seven essential nutrients required for a healthy body. They supply energy and satiate you along with boosting immunity and giving strength to muscles. Even though protein is adva

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Why is milk white?

Pale white and sweet, milk has its own share of lovers and haters. While some can’t do a day without milk, some can’t stand the sight of it. No matter what your preferences are now, it was our

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Eat These Fruits And See The Difference In Weight

Fruits, fresh and plump are favoured by one and all. Fruits are fibre–laden and has its own share of carbs. But do you know that fibre and pectin work together to increase metabolism and thus red

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7 Amazing Shrimp Facts You Didn’t Know

Shrimp is one of the most popular seafood of all time. Shrimps can be served in a variety of ways and no matter how they are proffered to you, you just can’t say no to these mouthwatering luscio

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